Learning to trade


Not just teaching but creating a team and mentoring!

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FX for (4) free (3)  is the discord/telegram service that I have made to help you guys get started where I post completely daily free updates, Friday FREE signals, motivation and everything in order for yourself to take away and become a better trader. The beauty of trading is you can trade from anywhere in the world, from an office you rent, your home or even a beach. On top of the what you want to make is an abundance from £200 a week to £20,000 a week with the right risk management. Its all down to you and what works for you just remember we are all different so take it at your own speed. http://bit.ly/fx43discord









So the main reason for trading is to make income from trading. I am a very honest and blunt personas I believe thats the fastest way to get answers. Ultimately it isn’t a charity you are here to either make trading a main source of income or an additional source. Making 20-50 pips a day can keep the job away. Can be £20, £500, £2000 or even £20,000 its down to yourself!


Finally trading alone can be lonely and boring at times, so we have made a group to bounce off of each other, everyone in the chat has taken the course. Which means that they are talking the same language. Posting trading opportunities, questions and answers for newcomers and reviews of trades.


Our discord channel, FX Team and Course.

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