Workout Plans

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 Welcome to WannabeChamp

We are dedicated in spreading positivity and making sure that everyone looks after their fitness and health. For this to work it is a commitment from both ends, you have to want to make a change to get to where you want to be and in return we will do everything we can to help you.

Fitness is not just for looks, its a lifestyle, it makes you feel better. There is nothing more important than health.

How it works:

All the plans are for all levels of fitness, the diversity will be good for you as you can try out new things to shock your body. If you are a complete beginner we suggest you take the program suited for you for at least 1 term and then apply for the Tailored plan to make the most of your money. Each program is currently split into 6 levels, with level 1 being a starter and level 6 advance.

FOR intermediate levels start from LEVEL 3.