Trading Room – APM

Join our trading room!

The trading room consists of;

– All my trades and breakdown including when I enter, why and any questions you may want to ask. – APM (the course) members are all in this chat as it is part of the package, where there are some that already can trade professionally and full time, those trading for additional not main source and those who have just taken the course and learning the traits.
– Everyone sharing analysis and calls
– Forex Signals
– Forex Trading Room
– Forex Trading Training
– Forex Training
– Learn more about Forex Master Course (APM Course)
– Study Forex Trading
– Day Trading
– Trading Strategies

Whatever level you are at it will be worth you joining to see everyone’s effort and work.

Think about it, 1 trade and you can pay for the room for the whole year, or better yet the course.

Question is do you want trading to work?


Monthly or Life time option, or its free with the course.

Monthly £50 (1 Trade can ultimately pay for a year!)

Life time;


Joining instructions;

Once you have paid please join the discord channel link below;

Then messages @wannabechamp to be added into the APM group for a month.

See you on the other side.