Trading for income / Making Money from Trading / Additional Income from Trading;

The massive misconception that people get nowadays is the whole idea of;

‘how I went from broke to buying my own lamborghini’

compared to;

‘how all my hard work and dedication turned my life around’

Very misleading and has kind of ruined this business but it will never change as everyone always looks for a quick fix, the idea of 6 weeks fat loss, 5 days life change blah blah.

Its true to a extent that trading can change your life around but it takes time, takes hard work just like any profession. Think about it, in ANY profession there are people making serious money.

Millionaire’s selling nuts, playing football, playing sports in general, selling vitamins, having a business for charity, accountants, business owners, engineers. You name it I’m sure theres someone out there thats successful at it.

Its about being good at what you do.

Now Trading is a opportunity to add a ADDITIONAL income, making it your main income isn’t really something I suggest unless you have a fund, big bank roll, show consistency or just killing it in general and if you are you wouldn’t be reading this. Having it as a additional income is very doable and something that I suggest is a good idea, so don’t quit your job for something so unstable.

Imagine this, say your on a $50,000 salary, trading gives you another $24,000 (your making around $2k a month), now your total is $74,000 thats nearly a 50% increase! Year after you could increase another 50% and make $36,000 lets say and your job gave you a 10% increase at $55,000. now your incomes at $91,000. Personally thats a good income your closing that 6 figure mark where you could be financially free to be fair. If you where smart you’d think about building assets, residual income or even building the trading bank roll so that you can make more than $36,000.

But if you quit your job, you’d stress on your income, you would be withdrawing to pay bills, financially and intelligently it doesn’t make sense. Trading alone is lonely, hence why we have a group, if one month doesn’t pay you’d be in trouble. Trust me I’ve been there I’ve never needed it but it wasn’t the same. Though I still trade for main.

Why not build up a bank roll so you can invest and build more assets?

Money makes money, at the moment everyone trades time for money – thats how a job works. How the rich people get richer is by putting money into things to make more money there for the trade becomes money for money. If you think about it you’ll just end up expensing money anyway so why not invest it.

Maybe a investment fund, maybe a business – but most likely you want to trade hence why you are on this page.

Trading for a additional income is very very doable, but you need to understand that it takes time. Learning finance, economics. You are up against everyone else in the market even against me so why would you short change yourself and not learn some fundamentals. Not just charting, analysis and basic bullshit lol so many gimmicks.

BUT how much the market is, what does the economics have to do with it, are there AOA’s in areas I haven’t see, what do the charts say with the economy? Whats my thesis?

Whats my risk?

Are you understanding all of these areas if not, why not?

Its really about putting the effort in, trading gives back what you put in. If you work hard enough I re-assure you it will pay. I am a testimony along with others.

Anyway hope this was informative if you enjoyed it please leave a comment below.

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