Q/A 08-06-18 Forex Trading

Q/A 08/06/18

Q; What is AOA?

A:AOA is our way of saying Area of Attention, as it says its an area that requires attention for us, so be it support, resistance, session low or high, fib lines, 800AOA a majority of AOA’s just an area that could affect the price. Many many things can break a AOA.

Such as a area could have 3 AOA’s which would me you might wanna exit or refrain from entering. Basic fundamentals of trading, being aware.

Q:Steph-Today at 2:07 PM

@wannabechamp do you place all your trades on the 30 min chart?  Are you using the 30 min chart for all your analysis or do you look at higher timeframes as well?

A: Not always depends when, but majority of the time I trade 30 minutes at the moment. And of course I use different time frames, you cant see the whole story of the instrument with one chart. Well I cant anyway so I have a few, everyone has their own break down and I have mine. Generally find what works for you or use our template.

Q:Mitch-Today at 10:34 AM

I have a question. When the market does this, what happens? Like what causes it to go up so much that there’s no candle

A: Answer is simple just don’t trade go play golf, get on with your day and come back when it is ready for you to bank your money. Not everyday is a trading day biggest mistake a lot of people make.

If you have any questions join the discord channel above and DM me them.

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