1. Fat Loss Plan





So if you have clicked on this it means that you are looking to improve on your fitness journey.

This program is a generic program to help you get started, follow a plan and get yourself in the lifestyle you need to.

You can use this workout plan if you are looking to loose fat (not weight) but loose fat, build muscle and stay fit.

It is for all as I have spent time making it so that its for all levels of fitness and that you just need to push yourself and do the best you can do, if its too easy just add more weight or reps as it will explain in the introduction package.

You will receive;

  • A days diet plan explaining how which elements you can substitute and change to suit your taste buds
  • A few basic TRUTHS to fitness
  • Workout program for you to print off and take to the gym and fill out, or you can even download as a pdf and read on your phone as you are working out
  • Introduction package to help you understand the new route you are about to embark.

All this for £1.99 all I ask is that you tag me when you get your results and that you be the best you can be. Don’t be negative, when you achieve your goals don’t neglect those struggling and work hard to support others.

Happy Gains



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