Forex Trading Course – Advanced





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CK CAPITAL COURSE – What you will learn 

Section 1 – Foundation and fundamentals of Forex 

How Forex works and all fundamentals

Ways to trade FX

Basic truth behind the market

Calculations of trades

Basics to Fundamental and Technical analysis

Charts and Trends

Other information – lot sizes, leverage, margin, equity.

Section 2 –Risk Management 

Full idea of risk

How to calculate your trade sizes.

Using the my APM risk calculator

Risk reward between Swing and Intraday

Experience in the market

Section 3 – Getting started

Section 4 – Trading sessions; Swing and Intraday (Overall how to trade swing and intraday)

Section 5 – How to trade. Rules to stick by for EVERYONE  

Section 6 – Fundamental Analysis 

Section 7 – Technical Analysis

(Biggest section, too much to fit in bullet points but 70% of FX Pro’s trading is Technical)

Section 8 Putting it all together to trade

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