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So if you are on this page it means that either you are;

  • Interested in taking trading seriously and want to make it work


  • You have already learnt through a course or self taught but still not seeing any results (most common)

Well its really down to what is being taught, a lot of course don’t cover the basics of finance, the markets and hammer into the most important parts.

Teaching you everything you need to learn and apply to make it work for you.

What you should be able to do in order to trade;

1.How to understand the Forex Market.

2.How to read and discuss charts

3.Be able to discuss with others on forex signals, trades and analysis

4.Disciplined and be in the right mind frame every day

5.Know where you are going wrong and see what you are doing right

6. Compounding your profits and not spanking it all in one go

7. Trade Profitably (durrr haha)

So joining the APM course you will receive;

  • A 250 page PDF booklet for you to download revise, work with and understand.
  • Join the APM discord channel for 1 year free (saves you £399)
  • In the APM discord are other members of the course and professional trades/fund managers
  • Finally a 18 hour course video teaching A-Z of the markets. See content below;
See the course as a trade – its a risk to reward. The risk is how you much you pay for the course, but the reward is knowledge that will stay with you forever and what you execute with it is limitless. Its a no brainer!

Only £999 (1 or a few trades pay this back! investment for return)


Section 1 – Foundation and fundamentals of Forex 

  • How Forex works and all fundamentals
  • Ways to trade FX
  • Basic truth behind the market
  • Calculations of trades
  • Basics to Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Charts and Trends
  • Other information – lot sizes, leverage, margin, equity.
Section 2 –Risk Management 

  • Full idea of risk
  • How to calculate your trade sizes.
  • Using the my APM risk calculator
  • Risk reward between Swing and Intraday
  • Experience in the market
Section 3 – Getting started 

  • Getting started
  • Use the trading room
  • How to use the scanner
  • How much to start with and the truth behind the amount you can really make
  • Extra information about brokers
  • Truth behind trading
Section 4 – Trading sessions; Swing and Intraday (Overall how to trade swing and intraday) 

  • Implementing trading into your lifestyle
  • Methods to trade FX Swing and Intraday
  • Pros and Cons to Swing and Intraday
  • How FX Pro Dan Trades these and how you should trade this.
  • Intraday Trading session and the secret behind the market that is not shown
  • Using the times to your benefit
  • How a trading day should be
Section 5 – How to trade. Rules to stick by for EVERYONE  

Section 6 – Fundamental Analysis 

  • How judgment is made
  • News to be aware of
  • How to trade news
  • New reports and affects and how to understand release notes
  • Correlations of Pairs
Section 7 – Technical Analysis

(Biggest section, too much to fit in bullet points but 70% of FX Pro’s trading is Technical)

  • How to chart
  • How to trade and judge
  • BAR BY BAR – Support resistance lines, fib, PF, segments, swings HL , EVERYTHING.

Section 8 Putting it all together to trade

  • Trading day
  • Putting everything together to see what I see


APM Course £999

Testimonials of the team so far, those who seized the opportunity in front of them


If you want to enroll now, however are struggling with the funds, I have once been there and know how hard it is. On top of that if you have read this far down it means you are definitely interested and just need a little help. Email me @ what you story is and I may offer a discount or a payment plan as I have with others.

Take action!

  • The FACT is a University costs over £50,000 yet the jobs you get right after pay around £25,000 thats around £125 a day. Which is peanuts! You could invest in a trading education and put the same amount or time and work yet make abundance to what you can afford.


  • Ultimately the risk reward from the course is a no brainer, and if you don’r join after reading this, it just means you aren’t committed to making a change in your life.


  • Unfortunately a handful maybe dare to say 50% of my students have had education or bad education in the past, and what makes the difference? Well answer is simple the courses out there teach you half the battle and leave the other half for you to guess or they don’t even know it themselves. The fact is everyone is so focused on charts, trading but forget the basics – market time, news, fundamentals of finance, economics, correlations etc. You must learn A-Z to learn to read, you can’t learn A-M and expect to read.


  • Last point to make is that there is a opportunity in front of you, once I have had enough students to build a team of fund managers I will close the course and no longer offer it out to the public so that could mean today, tomorrow or next year. But it is the same as a trade, the opportunity is right in front of your eyes, the Risk reward is a no brainer what are you waiting for? Ultimately you make back the course investment after a few trades anyway.

Lastly if you are still deciding and still learning the basics, I am willing to offer Part 1 as a taster for you for only £49!!

Click below and join now for Part 1 release.

APM Part 1 / Full Course

disclaimer; as soon as you have access to the APM there will be no refund as you will have already gone through the content