Forex Trading for Beginners  РPost Objective; (PART 1)

  1. Are you a forex beginner? (foreign exchange trading for beginners) what to do?
  2. How to trade consistency
  3. How to understand what you are doing wrong
  4. How to know if you are even doing anything right?


  1. Are you a forex beginner? (foreign exchange trading for beginners) what to do?

So you want to trade, so be it trading crypto / stocks / forex / index’s (indicies) / commodities or whatever financial instrument¬† it is.

The 3 most common mistakes I see and hear from everyone is that they spend so much time focusing on the wrong things – what I mean is that you first get into trading you want to learn about charts, what a doji is? What about what a graph is what a forex pair is? but what about learning the markets, how the markets react, learning about who can actually mentor you and help you become the person you want to be.

So if you are new or even just a few years into trading and still struggling – think to yourself are you spending time learning the right things, are you spending the right time working on the areas that are ruining your rates?

Whether you are a student mine or not you really need to think about these info.

The funny thing is all the basics and intermediate info is all online and free, its takes alot alot of time to be able to collate all that information and make it work. Thats the point of courses its peoples experiences filtering everything and putting it all into one. Just like university etc.

Right enough about that your not here for courses here to find out why your struggling.

Another factor is learning with others, try to utilise that situation that so many other people are in the same boat, you need to learn and grow with others but at the same time don’t think that everyone is right you really have to filter for yourself. During my learning days there was so many people with so many different bullshit ideas it really is a waste of time, so if you know yours works someone has proved it then be resilient and make it work.


My LAST part to this section is trading demo and real money, SOOOOOO many of you guys trade real money when your not even a professional trader / fund manager or whatever it really just baffles me.


Are you in a rush to loose money lol? I’d say 90% of you do this, I just don’t get it, I mean i get why you do it because you want to learn, you want to make money and you want to make it work.

However on the flip side if your loosing money shouldn’t you stop, if you cant make money with demo money what makes you think you can do it with real money?

If you can do it with Demo and not with real then you have a problem, why not use that money to invest in education or you might even be on that flip side. That one last step to be there.

TRADING FOR INCOME is really a post that would be worth reading if you are at this stage.

Most important thing in trading is Risk management <- read here free

Right I will post in the other stuff later on this week so stay up to date if you want to learn.

12 – 06 – 18

2. How to trade consistency?

3. How to understand what you are doing wrong?

4. How to know if you are even doing anything right?




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