Forex Trading Education



What you will learn;


Section 1 – Foundation and fundamentals of Forex 

  • How Forex works and all fundamentals
  • Ways to trade FX
  • Basic truth behind the market
  • Calculations of trades
  • Basics to Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Charts and Trends
  • Other information – lot sizes, leverage, margin, equity.
Section 2 –Risk Management 

  • Full idea of risk
  • How to calculate your trade sizes.
  • Using the my APM risk calculator
  • Risk reward between Swing and Intraday
  • Experience in the market
Section 3 – Getting started 

  • Getting started
  • Use the trading room
  • How to use the scanner
  • How much to start with and the truth behind the amount you can really make
  • Extra information about brokers
  • Truth behind trading
Section 4 – Trading sessions; Swing and Intraday (Overall how to trade swing and intraday) 

  • Implementing trading into your lifestyle
  • Methods to trade FX Swing and Intraday
  • Pros and Cons to Swing and Intraday
  • How FX Pro Dan Trades these and how you should trade this.
  • Intraday Trading session and the secret behind the market that is not shown
  • Using the times to your benefit
  • How a trading day should be
Section 5 – How to trade. Rules to stick by for EVERYONE  

Section 6 – Fundamental Analysis 

  • How judgment is made
  • News to be aware of
  • How to trade news
  • New reports and affects and how to understand release notes
  • Correlations of Pairs
Section 7 – Technical Analysis

(Biggest section, too much to fit in bullet points but 70% of FX Pro’s trading is Technical)

  • How to chart
  • How to trade and judge
  • BAR BY BAR – Support resistance lines, fib, PF, segments, swings HL , EVERYTHING.

Section 8 Putting it all together to trade

  • Trading day
  • Putting everything together to see what I see


Get a pen and some paper for the course.

Outcome of APM

1.Objective is for you to understand the Forex Market.

2.Able to read and discuss charts

3.Build a good APM team together and use slack

4.Master these pips together and grow as one

5.Ones who do make it, Opportunity to trade fund when the time comes.