June Trade Set ups

Graphs below for you review;


Green is buy signal

Red is sell signal.

If Green is before Red then its long – Buying it at that rate then selling it.

Vice versa, if red before green then shorting – selling then buying back.


5 Ways to Improve your Trading

Whether its stocks, forex, cyrpto or indicies I am going to give you 5 methods, tips and tricks to improve your trading.

  1. Risk Management
  2. Setting rules and following them
  3. Market conditions
  4. Trade with others
  5. Knowing when to your money and when to stop

I will now break each one down for you guys to understand a bit more and how you can apply them these methods today, starting from the least important to the most important.

5. Knowing when to your money and when to stop – psycology

One of the most common mistakes in trading is the human psychology, the idea of greed and fear. Greed of thinking; ‘the trade will come back up, it did last time’, ‘its pushed so far maybe a little bit more’. or ‘i better take profit now just incase it did what happened last time’, ‘i better exit now incase it hits my SL’

The point is before every trade I always teach and say that you should already have a SL and TP in place, try your best not to move them (In some scenarios you do but thats when you’re more advanced). The point is when you have set something you should follow it and let it be, review the trade after and learn and develop.

Learn then earn.

Another method is knowing that trades sometimes sky rocket and pay you massively but this isn’t always the case, those odd times are great but don’t expect if everyday. If you have hit your target profit  for the day then STOP.

If you have hit your set amount of risk then STOP.

Like I always say if you’re in a rush to make money you’re in a rush to be broke.

(Read more on this topic; HOW TO USE STOP LOSS AND TAKE PROFIT (SL & TP)

4. Trade with others

This is another important aspect as others, trading can be a very lonely game. There is so much smoke in the trading industry filled with glory winners, lambo owners and stupid fuckers lol. Sorry to be blunt but its my way of waking you up.

Trading with others will allow you to see the generic scenario that is happening, where people are struggling. The consistency, not only this but you will be able to bounce off of each other on ideas, development and grow together.

Better yet like our Live day trading room there are handful of traders that already know what they are doing and can help shed their experience to you for you to try implement in your ways.

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3. Market conditions

Market conditions – one of the hardest things to hard and implement out of the 5 tips. Its something that takes alot of time and education. The best way for you to really start learning this is to start reading more on news websites. Understand whats going on in the market, working late and doing reviews with others or yourself and seeing what the overall picture looks like for the market. Whether its going higher for long term, in its reaction phase, any major AOA’s on the higher time frames.

Screen time is the best method to learn this.


2. Setting rules and following them

One of the stupidest things is we all set rules and don’t follow them, worst off we kick ourselves when we realised. I am one aswell also been stupid.

BUT we should learn from them, like my Uncle always said to me;

You are normal if you learn from your own mistakes.

You are smart if you learn from others mistakes.

You are stupid if you don’t learn at all.

Which one are you?

Set those rules, or if you have learnt from my course or another mentor and they have given you rules follow them.

Rules are there to help you not to harm you.


1. Risk Management

Right risk management! THE biggest subject in regards to trading hence why I put it number 1!

I even made a dedicated post for it click here to read more.

Risk management is something that always goes first in peoples trading. You should really have a set amount that you risk and stick to you.

Set amount that is risk for each day and stick to it.

Set amount that you should be your reward your RR (Risk to reward) ration and stick to it.

Like I explained, on the example of a RR 1:3 you only need to be right 33.33% of the time and you will still make money.


10 trades you loose 7 and win 3

Risk reward is 1:3

Account size is $100,000

Risk is 1% – $1000

Risk reward – $1000 : $3000

Losses – 7  x $1000 = $7000

Wins 3 x $3000 = $9000

$9000 (win) – $7000 (losses) – $2000 profit

So imagine if you took 10 trades a week set that as your rule THEN made minimum 3 wins a week $2000 a week. x4 would be $8000 a month, don’t know about you but thats more than enough to live off let alone have an additional income.

Vice versa for small amounts and larger.

$10,000 trading account, $100 per trade

$200 a week x4 = $800 a month more than enough as additional income.

My point is if you break it down it really isn’t that hard to make money in trading, the hardest part is keeping it, sticking to the rules and constantly developing and learning and re-investing.

Its like a business, you invest in the employees, marketing, R&D to market more and develop its the same with Trading you invest in courses to educate your brain, learn different aspects approaches and how you can improve.

Right hope you get the point now, if you enjoyed this post and learnt something from it please leave a comment and share to encourage me to write more of these for free.

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Summary of 18-06-2018 trading morning

All charts and info is shared in our trading room 

See below charts for your review;

Morning Trade done – Watchlist was given in the APM room ; http://bit.ly/APMRoom
26.2 pips charts incoming.

13265 entry, TP 13240 SL 13275
10 pips for 25 pips (though it pressed and gave me 26.2 pips)



Brokers & Trading Platform – How?


Right heres a bit of free info, see it as a treat for joining this telegram and also if you can apply.

Right now brokers are ultimately the guy between us and the market. Why do we need them? Because as small fishes we are not able to get direct access to the market.

Following this they have their rates and are able to create their own rates becoming a market maker, what that means if if you are on STP you are direct to the exchange server

Market you will be with the broker.

So example IG their slips are DISGUSTING and I hate them but they are a seriously safe company to have your money with. They slip you out 2/3 pips closing your trades or TP early as its market conditions. All companies do this but they do it to a extreme.

As if you was with STP with them you wouldn’t get it as bad.

NOW finding the right broker has a few things you should look for, history and the fact that your money is secure. As if they are their own small entity  they can hold your money, delay withdrawals, slip you on trades all kinds of headaches… which will also distract your trading.

They need to be regulated by your jurisdiction, know how much by (message me if you are unsure)

Make sure that you are aware of your AM and touch base to know how your account works.

Lastly make sure your account is the correct type.

Now there are MANY good brokers and MANY bad.

Here are my recommendations and you are welcome to use them as its a referral link for me and also you will be under the same AM. If you are happy with yours already thats also fine just make sure they are who they say they are.

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Trading Platform;


Trading platform is a big thing for me personally, I think its something thats vastly important to have the right tools to give you the extra edge in order to make the correct market conditions.

There are many many trading platforms out there and you have to find what works for you, just to name a few;

  • The MetaTrader range 4/5 etc
  • Pro Real Time
  • Trading View

And many others including brokers with their own platforms.

If you ask me the cleaner the charts the better, in forex especially there is alot of noise in the markets to take out the people who don’t know what their doing and its important you spend the right amount of time putting in the work to find these levels with the tools you are given.

This isn’t a sponsored post but I use Pro Real Time, I am just sharing what works and it might help you get a bit of a insight. I know alot of traders who use trading view also.

However meta trader to use as charting personally I don’t believe is enough, there are traders who use it and thats fair play, but in reality why wouldn’t you spend £15 a month just to have cleaner integrated charts. Free charts are free for a reason, the way you set them up, the way you alight them all different.

Take a look there are many free trials around for you just to try for a month, MT4 I still use to execute my trades for my own account and for the fund I manage.

Ultimately charting and execution should be different, I don’t like it on the screen going up and down, prefer it on a platform and keep my charts clean as they sit.

Charts below of my current set up, however I mark every trade with buy/sell signals to review myself and share with you and the APM team.

If you enjoyed the posts I am creating please share and leave a comment to help encourage me to create more! Thanks all!



Firstly our summary of today;

Right now the clarification for the posts this morning, I was literally in the process of editing my TP but it shot up and hit my TP. Nevertheless profit is profit and done for the morning. 42pips on the GBPAUD and 35.4 pips on GBPUSD was literally just about to press enter on GBPUSD. Anyway green arrow is the buy, red is the exit and buy back or sell off. On GBPAUD especially a very very clean chart as there was a continuation this morning on hand over then a reaction on Tokyo high and 2nd handover then a break on the news hence why I want to move the TP as the AOA’s this mornings where working perfectly. Another factor is we have had 2 shit days of trading – meaning the markets where all over the place and this doesn’t last forever nothing does so sooner or later the market was going to give way.




So going to try help you guys today on the point of how to use stop loss and take profit;

  • When to use them.
  • How to determine them
  • The truth about them (slippage etc)
  • Is it important?

First and foremost SL AND TP are the single most important things in trading besides risk management (click here to read) why?

Well how can you enter a trade without knowing how much you are going to make? how much you are willing to risk? If your don’t these information then you are definitely gambling I would even dare to say you are jumping into a trade blindly.  Like how I always teach, its so important to have your thesis before you trade so you have a clear idea on what you are doing.

So the answer is, you have to have a SL and TP within EVERY TRADE so be it mentally or physically (input into your trade broker).

How to determine them?

Well charting and screen time is yet another thing I always hound to my team and students, you have to be on top of your charting to know the significant levels for your AOA’s (area of attentions), not every level you define will be 100% accurate and some that you do draw maybe working perfectly but the whole point of them is understanding that these are AOA’s that you need to be aware of and maybe you should either TP before it move your SL, or even rethink your entry point. These are such a huge factor when it comes to execution and the difference between a beginner trade and a professional.


The truth;

My broker post will be up in the future to teach you more, but unfortunately there are some brokers out there that are mean to retail trades in regards to slippage. Slippage can happen in your favour and against you – slippage is when the price may or may not actually hit your physical due to market volatility and your TP / SL was given at the next best available price. So you could be slipped on your SL by 3 pips when it didn’t hit and then it shoots up the other direction to hit your TP – vice versa shot past your TP and gave you a better price and you ended up banking another 10 pips on top.

So the point goes back to the basics, you really need to be able to define your AOA’s.

A lot of professionals I know are at the screen most of the time and set mental SL and TP and execute appropriately, this gives them the leeway and avoids slippages. However it increases the risks and I don’t recommend it if you are just starting out. Like I say if the opportunity has gone, there will still be plenty more to come.

Is it important?


Thats all there is to it, haha if you have read this far then you should’ve been able to answer that question yourself.


How to trade profitably – Risk Management

Risk Management!


This is THE biggest biggest part in regards to trading. I would go as far to say that you could use any strategy out there (from a reputable trader) and be profitable if you implement the right Risk Management.

If you can learn, understand  and master how to apply risk management you will know;

  • How NOT to fail at trading
  • How to trade profitably
  • When to stop trading for the day
  • When the market is right for you
  • Which trades suits you best and maximises your profitability
  • Overall being able to trade profitably CONSISTENTLY and making a good amount from trading.

The thing is everyone that is failing is because they don’t bother learning the basics. Everyones (generalising here) too busy learning the wrong things. I know risk management isn’t fun, to be fair trading isn’t supposed to be fun its a job that you need to master.

So be it that the fact we emphasise on the fundamentals of the markets, finance, risk management or someone else out there it really is the number 1 thing to focus on.

So now that you understand how important it is, lets move onto how to make it work for you. How can you trade profitably, how can you become a full time/part time trader, how can you make trading work for you? how some easy steps could make trading be a part of your life.


Now without giving away too much and defeating the purpose of my course.

1st and foremost in regards to trade, are you risking a set amount for every trade? If not why not? I ALWAYS say this to people who ask me about trading and why they cant make money in the long run. Why are you rushing to be rich?

Why are you rushing your trading?

Why trade every opportunity?

Put it this way if your in a rush to be rich, you’ll also be in a rush to be broke.

What ever happened to slow and consistencyly over time – compounding effect! Now I am guilty I have been in this position as well and I have over traded many many times with risk out the window.

Because quite frankly making money from trading isn’t hard its keeping it thats hard. I still remember the days when I started seeing 4 figure wins, 5 figure wins. But at the same time the risk was WAY over proportionate in regards to my equity.

So the point is, risk what you can and never over extend yourself to put yourself in a position to face palm.

If you win the trade it shouldn’t make or break you, if you loose the trade it shouldn’t make or break you.

You should trade with consistency, small profits and compound them up.

$500 here, $250 here, $150 here and another $100 here suddenly your up $1000. 10 more times thats $10,000.

Doesn’t that seem fair?

Now its hard to stay on track sometimes so its important to have a team, thats why I love trading with others. You hold yourself accountably.

Anyway I don’t want to post too much in here as you might get bored reading!

If you enjoyed it please leave a reply and let me know you enjoyed it, any questions give me a shout on discord !

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Q/A 08-06-18 Forex Trading

Q/A 08/06/18

Q; What is AOA?

A:AOA is our way of saying Area of Attention, as it says its an area that requires attention for us, so be it support, resistance, session low or high, fib lines, 800AOA a majority of AOA’s just an area that could affect the price. Many many things can break a AOA.

Such as a area could have 3 AOA’s which would me you might wanna exit or refrain from entering. Basic fundamentals of trading, being aware.

Q:Steph-Today at 2:07 PM

@wannabechamp do you place all your trades on the 30 min chart?  Are you using the 30 min chart for all your analysis or do you look at higher timeframes as well?

A: Not always depends when, but majority of the time I trade 30 minutes at the moment. And of course I use different time frames, you cant see the whole story of the instrument with one chart. Well I cant anyway so I have a few, everyone has their own break down and I have mine. Generally find what works for you or use our template.

Q:Mitch-Today at 10:34 AM

I have a question. When the market does this, what happens? Like what causes it to go up so much that there’s no candle

A: Answer is simple just don’t trade go play golf, get on with your day and come back when it is ready for you to bank your money. Not everyday is a trading day biggest mistake a lot of people make.

If you have any questions join the discord channel above and DM me them.


Trading for income / Making Money from Trading / Additional Income from Trading;

The massive misconception that people get nowadays is the whole idea of;

‘how I went from broke to buying my own lamborghini’

compared to;

‘how all my hard work and dedication turned my life around’

Very misleading and has kind of ruined this business but it will never change as everyone always looks for a quick fix, the idea of 6 weeks fat loss, 5 days life change blah blah.

Its true to a extent that trading can change your life around but it takes time, takes hard work just like any profession. Think about it, in ANY profession there are people making serious money.

Millionaire’s selling nuts, playing football, playing sports in general, selling vitamins, having a business for charity, accountants, business owners, engineers. You name it I’m sure theres someone out there thats successful at it.

Its about being good at what you do.

Now Trading is a opportunity to add a ADDITIONAL income, making it your main income isn’t really something I suggest unless you have a fund, big bank roll, show consistency or just killing it in general and if you are you wouldn’t be reading this. Having it as a additional income is very doable and something that I suggest is a good idea, so don’t quit your job for something so unstable.

Imagine this, say your on a $50,000 salary, trading gives you another $24,000 (your making around $2k a month), now your total is $74,000 thats nearly a 50% increase! Year after you could increase another 50% and make $36,000 lets say and your job gave you a 10% increase at $55,000. now your incomes at $91,000. Personally thats a good income your closing that 6 figure mark where you could be financially free to be fair. If you where smart you’d think about building assets, residual income or even building the trading bank roll so that you can make more than $36,000.

But if you quit your job, you’d stress on your income, you would be withdrawing to pay bills, financially and intelligently it doesn’t make sense. Trading alone is lonely, hence why we have a group, if one month doesn’t pay you’d be in trouble. Trust me I’ve been there I’ve never needed it but it wasn’t the same. Though I still trade for main.

Why not build up a bank roll so you can invest and build more assets?

Money makes money, at the moment everyone trades time for money – thats how a job works. How the rich people get richer is by putting money into things to make more money there for the trade becomes money for money. If you think about it you’ll just end up expensing money anyway so why not invest it.

Maybe a investment fund, maybe a business – but most likely you want to trade hence why you are on this page.

Trading for a additional income is very very doable, but you need to understand that it takes time. Learning finance, economics. You are up against everyone else in the market even against me so why would you short change yourself and not learn some fundamentals. Not just charting, analysis and basic bullshit lol so many gimmicks.

BUT how much the market is, what does the economics have to do with it, are there AOA’s in areas I haven’t see, what do the charts say with the economy? Whats my thesis?

Whats my risk?

Are you understanding all of these areas if not, why not?

Its really about putting the effort in, trading gives back what you put in. If you work hard enough I re-assure you it will pay. I am a testimony along with others.

Anyway hope this was informative if you enjoyed it please leave a comment below.

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Stocks / crypto / forex / indicies / fund / trading

Trade Summary – 05-06-18


Dax pop 41 pips
GBPJPY 25 pips
DAX -15.5 pips (this was a over trade, but took it regardless due to set up)
EURAUD 25pips
Gold 46 pips / 4.6 points

Posted Live on APM Room, rest on telegram and discord



Q/A 04-05-18

Q/A from the discord group.

Took in 3 questions and answers below to join free

click here or bit.ly/fx43discord


Q:Mitch-Today at 7:59 PM What’re your fav pairs/indices? @wannabechamp

A: DAX GBPUSD and SNP are my favourite ones. Mainly because of the ATR and its paid me the most over my trading career haha :smiley:


Q: Chowie-Today at 8:32 PM Hi @wannabechamp I don’t understand your charts, is there a reference I can use to see what you are posting as there is no indication on them if you’re long or short or what the result of the trades were. I’m interested to watch the comments in this room as I am targeting 60p a day and trying to further hone my edge.

A: Right to learn more theres a course that teaches you A-Z learning not just about trading but the fundamentals of finance, market timing, zones, AOA, regions, the market, how it reacts, risk, management etc. http://bit.ly/apmcourse To know entry exit, its just which is first – Green arrow is buy Red arrow is sell So if Green is first then red after then its a buy and then sell – so Long ultimately. Vice versa Also 60pips a day is a ok target a fair bit but you shouldn’t really target like this, each day is different and each trade is different its not like a job you get paid £5k a month its like £1k here £5k here -500 here etc


Q: @Stu-UK Stu-UK-Today at 8:32 PM Take the Dax entry above, what are your thoughts re best timing for entry? Slightly more important re dax as it can move like greased lightening.(edited)

A: thats true stu, there isn’t you have to just be at your charts ready. If you have watched it and it was watchlist early, and you have waited for the set up you will get the price. You can’t time it as such, if it goes it goes leave it and move on otherwise your chasing profits.

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