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BTC Bitcoin is one of the more steady, established cryptocurrencies out there. It is based on decentralised system which offers user anonymity. Bitcoin is one of the more easier cryptocurrencies to be able to short and long effectively as it is the gold of cryptocurrencies and is not as effected as most other cryptocurrencies. If anything BTCs price movements affect other cryptocurrencies. Ive grown a strong dislike with a lot of cryptocurrencies as of late mainly because of the heavy manipulation that “whales” can play on this market. Bitcoin isnt an exception and is still easily manipulated. It is very easy as an amateur investor to get crushed in this kind of market. You are to assume that this market is like the wild west and anything can happen. In a sense, this market is heavy reliant on indicator movements only because a lot of retail investors rely heavily on them so in a sense it produces a self fulfilling prophecy as a lot of amateur investors will follow these as a rules of “being oversold or being overbought” as an indicator to get in. Currenctly BTC is in a downtrend and can continue as low to 4.8-5.2k for now but in the extreme long term, it can come back up to 5 digits again. Its is very hard to judge cryptocurrencies long term and i advise to only trade btc short term if you are longing/shorting unless you plan to invest and hold it for the longer term. if you have trust in it There is a big difference in the crypto market compared to the forex market. The crypto market is heavily manipulated whereas the forex market is pretty much impossible to manipulate due to the sheer size of it. Both can be affected by fundamentals but cryptocurrencies are expected to DUMP on a lot of news whether good or bad. The lead up to good news is where cryptocurrencies like to PUMP.
The risk management also differs a lot in the two markets as you can expect minimum returns in cryptocurrencies of 10% as a norm to big massive returns of 300% all in one day, the opposite also holds true where losses can be a possibility too. Where as in forex markets, you will be looking at much more consistent returns/losses whilst risking only 1% of your account or whatever your daily % limit is. Overall there is a market for everyone, if you are looking for volatility cryptocurrencies offer this but as for now, myself personally, i prefer the forex market over this as there is much more regulations out there to protect yourself with compared to the cryptocurrency market.

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