Trade Summary – 05-06-18


Dax pop 41 pips
GBPJPY 25 pips
DAX -15.5 pips (this was a over trade, but took it regardless due to set up)
EURAUD 25pips
Gold 46 pips / 4.6 points

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Q/A 04-05-18

Q/A from the discord group.

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Q:Mitch-Today at 7:59 PM What’re your fav pairs/indices? @wannabechamp

A: DAX GBPUSD and SNP are my favourite ones. Mainly because of the ATR and its paid me the most over my trading career haha :smiley:


Q: Chowie-Today at 8:32 PM Hi @wannabechamp I don’t understand your charts, is there a reference I can use to see what you are posting as there is no indication on them if you’re long or short or what the result of the trades were. I’m interested to watch the comments in this room as I am targeting 60p a day and trying to further hone my edge.

A: Right to learn more theres a course that teaches you A-Z learning not just about trading but the fundamentals of finance, market timing, zones, AOA, regions, the market, how it reacts, risk, management etc. To know entry exit, its just which is first – Green arrow is buy Red arrow is sell So if Green is first then red after then its a buy and then sell – so Long ultimately. Vice versa Also 60pips a day is a ok target a fair bit but you shouldn’t really target like this, each day is different and each trade is different its not like a job you get paid £5k a month its like £1k here £5k here -500 here etc


Q: @Stu-UK Stu-UK-Today at 8:32 PM Take the Dax entry above, what are your thoughts re best timing for entry? Slightly more important re dax as it can move like greased lightening.(edited)

A: thats true stu, there isn’t you have to just be at your charts ready. If you have watched it and it was watchlist early, and you have waited for the set up you will get the price. You can’t time it as such, if it goes it goes leave it and move on otherwise your chasing profits.

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