About me

First of all my name is Daniel Cheung also known as Wannabechamp. The video above explains a little bit about how I got into  trading and why I was attracted  to it. If for any reason you didn’t want to watch it, it was because the amount I used to see people make, and the opportunity that was available with a bit of hard work (or so I thought). I am 26 currently working around 3 jobs, managing my own investments and trading a fund for clients as well as my own funds. My aim is to build my team and spread the portfolio in order to create a small fund team.


I came across trading in 2010 where I saw an article of someone spending £20,000 on a night out and after I saw this I knew whatever he was doing I wanted in on and it was Trading. Since then I have been through ups and downs learning from various mentors, working in the finance industry and studying my ass off to loosing money to finally managing clients and my own personal fund. I have now started to offer my course back out to the public until I can grow my team back up until I cannot cope and I will close it off again like I once did before.


I am a very straight forward guy and sometimes it may come across mean but I’d rather be honest now then beat around the bush! And the first thing I want to clarify is that nothing that we “work” for is a free. No one takes a job as a charity we all look to get paid, even those who work at a charity company get paid a salary its our way of living, its the way the economy has set us up. Now I think its important to understand that money isn’t everything but it is very important, it determines your lifestyle, the things you can afford to do and ultimately a factor of where you sit in society.



I am majorly into fitness mainly because of a few health conditions I have but I think it has been a blessing in disguise as I have been able to learn never to give up and to always push even when the end seemed so near. The major thing to share I think is that wealth comes with health and its important to look after yourself as much as it is to look after your loved ones.


Lastly I am quite into cars as you can see in the right! But I guess the last thing I can say is to work to be able to afford the things you love. This was a dream for me for 3 years and I was able to obtain it and I am very very grateful!



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