Fat Loss Programme


Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The Fat Loss programme is split into 6 Levels, and is suitable for anyone and everyone intending to lose fat.

Starting from the first level and building yourself up so that you can get used to having the habit of watching what you eat, going to the gym and pushing through your workouts.

The programme is unique. YOUR programme will be tailored to YOU. No matter what fitness level you are, all you need to do is read the guidelines and adapt it to make it work for you. These workouts and diet plans are what I used to achieve fat loss whenever I have let myself go over the years.

Each Level generally lasts for about 1-2 months, depending on how hard you work and how fast you break into the programme. Each level will come with its own workout plan and diet, which explanations on how to progress and how it will apply to you accordingly.

The question now is…what are you waiting for? £19.99? That’s less than a meal out…and you get a life-changing package. The prices will go up as each batch sells. £39.99 1623659_544398455667106_1095224916_n

Opportunity favor those who act upon it. You will get;

1.Breakdown of small things you can start doing now to change your lifestyle;

2. Introduction Video of how the level works

3. Workout Plan

4. Diet Plan

5. A slowly embedded system to change your lifestyle for the better

6. Access to other members who are on a similar program and access to everyone on the WannabeChamp team.

7. You will join our team

8. All exercises will on YouTube as a 1ME (1 Minute Explanation) or full video.


What are you waiting for? Make a change now!

Which Level? GBP

GBP £97.99 for all 6 levels

Which Level? HKD

HKD $1099 for all 6 levels

Which Level? USD

USD $147 for all 6 levels

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